Gun Writing and Review Services

I have been freelance writing about guns since I first got into the industry. In addition to the posts that I write here, I am also available for freelance writing for any content that has firearms related needs. This can include blog and magazine posts, informative articles, technical writing, or anything else you can come up with. 

For questions, samples, quotes, and other inquiries, send me an email at 

If you're a manufacturer or professional in the firearms industry, contact me for a FREE personalized sample service to see how your business can benefit. 

Gun Writing services

  • Articles and Blogs - I can create high quality content writing about guns, history, technology, culture, shooting sports, or any of the surrounding topics. I can provide these for your website, magazine, LinkedIn, or any other end-use medium you can come up with. I only write well-researched content with high integrity that creates reader trust and value. I can also build articles around affiliate links while providing authoritative content that does not seem dishonest or sales-driven. 

  • Firearm and Accessory Copy Writing - Copy is your chance to tell a potential customer what they need to know about your product. A mistake can ruin your credibility. With experience using many firearms products professionally, I can proofread or write your sales and ad copy to help you create an accurate, eye-catching message. 

  • E-mail and Newsletters - Keeping up with your customers through e-mail and newsletter engagement is an essential sales and branding. This is time consuming work and easy to miss with so many other professional obligations. Let me help you craft professional media to reach out to new and existing customers. 

  • Technical Writing -  From user's manuals to tutorials and troubleshooting, instructions need to be clearly written in a logical sequence that is easily understood. Well-written technical content increases customer experience and reduces the customer's needs to tie up your live customer service lines. Poorly written content can confuse and frustrate customers  who may give up or resort to attacking your phone and e-mail. 

  • Review Writing - Buyers trust online reviews almost as much as referrals from family and friends and many buyers will not buy an item without written reviews. If you are trying to get your product out there and legitimize it in the eyes of the market, you need to get it honestly reviewed. I offer testing and review of products through T&E samples. I do NOT offer misleading reviews or guaranteed ratings. I will only offer unbiased and honest reviews that benefit readers of the website. 

Have a more unique or personalized writing requirement? Contact me for that as well! Let's work together to improve your content!