This page is to disclose and share the nature of all partnerships of These may include companies who provide services for us, or with whom we are affiliated. This will be updated any time a new partner or affiliate is added. 

Affiliates - is currently an Amazon affiliate. You may occasionally see ads for Amazon products or a hyperlink which takes you to an Amazon page.  It might look like the link below (which is live and can be used) - one of the biggest supplier of gunsmithing supplies and a huge supporter of the second amendment. Links to Brownell's will often be affiliate links. These will only be placed when in relevant context to the article and as a product I would generally recommend. I will never falsify a review or recommendation for the sake of selling a product or try to sell somebody a product I don't think they would benefit from. 


What it is and Why 

Affiliate marketing is one way for a website to make money. I utilize these links to create some income for the website, which costs a surprising amount of money to run and for which I pay out of pocket. If you follow one of these adds or a hyperlink and then buy anything from that affiliate within a certain amount of time, receives a commission from that sale (regardless if you bought the item that was linked to or something else.) This does not affect your experience or raise your prices at all, it is a "finder's fee" paid by Amazon for referring traffic. In fact, following these links prior to a purchase is a great way to support the site! 

My Promises

My website has always been about integrity. I have written for other firearms websites that were all about creating traffic and producing sales for the commission. I hated writing for these sites because inevitably I was asked to compromise my writing to fit in more keyword phrases, more links, and other tools which felt unnatural. So, I make some promises regarding my use of these tools on the site: 

  • I will never compromise the integrity of information or writing to add an affiliate link. 
  • I will never promote a product that I wouldn't use myself. 
  • I will not compromise user experience. 
  • I will never take payment for an intentionally false or misleading review. 
  • Any page which contains affiliate links will have a disclosure statement which will link back to this page.