Get Paid to Share a Story About a Great Gun

I started Potts Precision because I love high-quality, meaningful custom gun work in all of its forms.  
Yes, I am a gunsmith and I hope to use the site to share my own work and opinions. But I also love seeing the work of others and I love to share it. 

You may notice one section of my website is called Gun Stories. This is a mini-section of the blog dedicated to building a gallery and library of awesome custom gun work. I wanted to feature guns that were built at the hands of a craftsman to serve a purpose, and get some insight on what was going through the minds of that craftsman (or customer) that caused that gun to be built the way that it was.  

Now I'm looking to add to these stories to increase what I have to share and to create a collection for other gun lovers to absorb. If you have a great story about a gun that was custom built, re-worked, finished, etc.  and would like to submit a Gun Story for consideration, please send it to with the words "Gun story" in the Subject. If I decide to use it, I will pay you $25 upon publication. I wish I could offer more, but all expenses for the website come out of pocket and that is what I can afford until/unless the site becomes big enough to return some of the constant investment it requires. 

If you want to take a look at a great gun story that encapsulates what I'm looking for, take a look at the very first Gun Story that was sent to me by another gunsmith. In general, these rules should be followed: 

  • Text may be sent in the main body of the e-mail or in a .doc compatible format 
  • At least one high quality picture should be included, but more is preferable and pictures showing steps of the work in process are awesome! They do not need to be professional quality but should be clean pictures that show the detail of the gun you're sharing. Pictures taken by most cell phones today are of more than adequate quality. 
  • The gun should be owned by you or worked on by you. If it is not your gun, you should have permission to share it. If you had work done by a gunsmith to suit your needs or worked on a gun for a customer, that is great! Just share what the work was, who did it, and why you chose the customizations you did. 
  • Guns should feature custom work, more extensive than parts assembly. Although I love that 80% kits and aftermarket parts have made gun building more accessible to the average shooter, I want to feature high quality custom work. Examples include custom re-stocking or re-shaping, re-barreling, custom metal finishes, custom machining for attachments, restoring an abused gun, etc. 
  • We love to see purposeful work. Whether you wanted to restore an old military or hunting rifle to former glory, fit a gun to a shooter with a particular set of needs, or build a gun to compete in shooting competitions, we want to hear about why you did the work you did and how it embodies the spirit you wanted put into it. 
  • Have a website (Facebook, YouTube, Blog, Instagram, etc.) you would like to share? Please send along this information and it will be included in the post along with a link. I frequently promote pages with paid advertising on social media and am happy to include any of your information where people can find more of your work. 

I look forward to receiving and sharing the stories of your creations!