Potts Precision is the personal page of myself, gunsmith and growing competitive shooter Dakota Potts. I first went to school to study gunsmithing because I was fascinated by the intricacy, art, and mechanics of firearms and the design process behind them. I love purposeful and precise design, whether it's a custom target rifle that shoots dime sized groups or a gloss-blued gun with finely chosen accents and woodworking. I started this site to share my love for these things, and my journeys in continuing to gunsmith and in focusing in the skill of shooting sports. 

Some types of content you can expect to see: 


Competition shooting 

Since I first started shooting, I dabbled in competitive shooting disciplines but let life get in the way and never committed fully to the art. In 2018, I decided to take myself seriously as a growing competition shooter and adhere to a schedule and goals. I bring you my experiences, thoughts, trials, successes, and errors - not as an expert posting glamor shots on Instagram, but as the passionate novice documenting the early stages of learning the sport. 

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I graduated from Piedmont Technical College with a Degree in General Technology/Machine Tool and 2 Certificate programs in gunsmithing. I worked for a time with a high-end custom rifle builder and now do in-house gunsmithing for a large firearms manufacturer. I love sharing my projects, experiments, and gunsmithing techniques. Since I no longer have access to a full shop, I have to improvise, but I believe I can share techniques for proper, high-quality gunsmithing with limited resources and space - even out of your home. 


Product reviews 

We'd all love to have unlimited gear and equipment budget, but the reality is that we have to make hard choices with the money we have. I go through a lot of equipment myself, and I like to share my experiences with it when I'm able to. Reviews from a pragmatic and realistic view help you make decisions about your investments.